Design & Drill Gears Workshop

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Preschoolers use a kid-friendly power drill to create super cool, spinning, chain reactions! Includes drilling board with handle, drill, screwdriver, 9 gears in two sizes, 32 colorful bolts, hand crank, and 10 double-sided pattern cards to copy. At educational insights, we've been helping kids learn through play for the last 60 years. We take great pride in working with experts in many distinct fields—from scientists to teachers to artists—to ensure that our products are always the very best they can be. Our award-winning, best-selling toys and games introduce new interests, unleashing limitless possibilities and passions including coding critters, hot dots, design & drill, playfoam, Geosafari, Kanoodle, and brain bolt. Ages: 3+ Grades: grades preK+ # of batteries: 2 Battery type: AA Batteries included: No