Feelin' Old Fashioned Slushie Mix (Pre-Wrapped)

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  • We sell pre-wrapped!!!
  • Orange, Lemon, Tea flavors mixed with Cherry Bourbon! Yummy!!
  • Great for parties, hostess gifts or relaxing at home!
  • Just add Cherry Bourbon
  • 12 servings per container

You will love this adult Old Fashion Slushie mix - they are flying off our shelves! Great for parties or relaxing at home! Mixing Directions: Pour both packages of powder mix into an 8 cup container with a lid. Mix in 1 1/2 cups of your favorite Cherry Bourbon and 6 cups of hot water. Freeze uncovered overnight. Once frozen, mix can be covered and stored safely in the freezer. Because of the alcohol content, the mix remains a slushie consistancy and does not freeze solid.Makes 12 - 1 oz servings.