Movers and Shakers Gift Wrap

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Jam-packed with planes, trains, tractors, cement mixers, and various earth-movers, our Movers & Shakers Gift Wrap is sure to charm any child with an interest in (or obsession with) machines that go go go! With a palette that relies primarily on red, yellow, and blue, this kid-pleasing wrapping paper also has a little green and orange thrown in for good measure (and good artistic balance, of course). Tear-resistant, Ideal Weight wrapping paper offers the perfect balance of utility and durability. 100% made in the USA using earth-friendly inks. No creases to mar your presentation. Get creative! Uses include gift wrapping (of course!), crafts, home, and party decor. Available in 4 sizes. 24 X 18 (36 sq. foot) 24 X 100 24 X 417 24 X 833